Thursday, May 19, 2011

Session II, Lesson 1 Worksheet

Lesson One Worksheet, Temecula Constitution Study May 19, 2011


Separatists: _________________________________________________________________

Protestant Reformation: _______________________________________________________

Theocracy: _________________________________________________________________

Confederation: ______________________________________________________________

Democracy: ________________________________________________________________

Oligarchy: __________________________________________________________________

Nationalism: ________________________________________________________________

Republicanism: _____________________________________________________________

Key Questions:

1. The _____________________ colonization of the New World was sought through military conquest.

2. English _______________________ enabled the British government to enable colonization with little financial risk to the monarchy.

3. The English Charter system created the American virtue of _____________________.

4. Under the English 1559 Act of Uniformity, it was illegal not to attend

_____________________ of _______________________ services.

5. The Articles of __________________________________ established a government too weak to protect the union.

6. To protect against the excess of democracy a system of limits, ________________, and

___________________ was devised.

7. The U.S. ________________________________ is the law of the land.

8. The ________________________ _________________________ could also be referred to as “these states that are united.

9. Patriotism is the wholesome, constructive love of one’s land and people. Nationalism

is the unhealthy love of one’s __________________________________.

10. The federal government was created to protect, preserve and promote the


Key Concepts:

1. Exploration did not occur for the sake of exploration, but as the result of European nations seeking a better route to the riches of the Far East. The land route was no good because of Muslims demanding payment for passage, and the route around the horn of Africa was no good because of how long it was, and because of the danger of pirates.

2. The English Charter system was created after the English watched the difficulties Spain was having with holding together their empire.

3. The northern English colonies were the result of the Puritans and Pilgrims (among other religious groups) seeking religious freedom, which was a direct result of the persecution these groups received because of the existence of an established church in England.

4. The theocracies in the New World reveals that the desire for religious freedom for these early settlers was for themselves, not other groups. However, the tyranny of the theocracies led to a cry for religious freedom in America. Rhode Island is an example of this desire for religious freedom.

5. The nature of living in the New World, combined with the charter system, heavily influenced the development of the character of America. This tendency of the colonies to be self-sufficient led ultimately to the concept of state sovereignty.

6. Experience taught the Americans the dangers of a monarchy, utopianism, a democracy, a theocracy, an oligarchy, and nationalism. Therefore, the logical conclusion was that the new nation needed a system fashioned like none of these governmental systems or concepts. Therefore, the obvious conclusion was that the United States needed to be a republic.

7. The Constitution was the result of over a hundred years of the growth of the character of America. The combined experiences of the colonists, and the study of history, led the Founding Fathers to pursue a system like no other. Hence, the American Experiment.

8. The United States, before the American Civil War, was seen as “these states that are united,” or The United States “are,” rather than “is.”

9. The Rule of Law comes from the concept of natural law as presented by John Locke. The Founding Fathers saw natural law as God’s law, therefore established our system of government on the concept that our rights are given to us by God, not by government.

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